Commemorative award “30 years of Armed Forces of Ukraine” SKU: 1004

SKU: 1004

Material: Brass

Set: Order, Certificate, Box

Size: 45×45 мм

Note: polished enamel

Description of the symbols of the commemorative award “30 years of Armed Forces of Ukraine”

The award is a crimson enamel cross with extended paws, a black flame is depicted at the end of the paw on the right, as a symbol of the fact that the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Armed Forces goes during the aggression against which Ukraine is protected by the Armed Forces.

In the center of the cross in a round medallion of blue enamel is a trident. On the diagonals of the cross are two crossed Cossack sabers. The paws of the cross and sabers are wrapped in a circle with a ribbon with the inscription “ARMED FORCES OF UKRAINE XXX”
The award is made of brass, the enamels are polished, the size of the sign is 45×45 mm.


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