Olga Shyyan became the winner of the sketch contest to the Order of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptitsky

On October 3, 2019, with the blessing of the High Archbishop of the UGCC His Beatitude Svyatoslav, the winners were awarded with diplomas of the sketch design for the award of the Father and the Head of the UGCC – the Order of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptitsky. The honorable mission of presenting documents to the Head of the UGCC was carried …


Heroldmaster enterprise manufactured the Brigade Sign for 72 separate mechanized brigade

Brigade Sign like it should be. Designed and manufactured by Heroldmaster Enterprise for 72 separate mechanized brigade, named after Black Cossacks


Aeronautical Plant “NARP” celebrated its 80th anniversary

In September 2019, the Nikolaev Aircraft Repair Plant “NARP” celebrated its 80th anniversary. The Heroldmaster Company sincerely congratulates the staff of the NARP Plant, we wish you new successes in your difficult business. The Heroldmaster production company has specially designed and manufactured commemorative signs, plaques, medals and anniversary badges prior to the anniversary. Thank you for your trust. “As part …


New souvenir key rings with military symbols of Ukraine

Due to acceptance of the new military symbols of Ukraine, we represent our production key rings. These products were designed and manufactured as gifts and souvenirs for the Ukrainian military, and to popularize this segment among military personnel. Key rings are bilateral, one side with the text in the Ukrainian language, the other in English. All emblems correspond to the …


We represent the “regimental” Insignia of 79 Separate Air Assault Brigade

We represent the “regimental” Insignia of 79 Separate Air Assault Brigade. This is our next attempt to introduce a new vision in the world phaleristics – the embodiment of “three-dimensionality” in awards.


Order of the Iron Cross “For a winter campaign and fights”

Due to the popular demand by both reconstructors and collectors, with the help of Yaroslav Tinchenko and Mikhail Seleznev, we were able, to some extent, to restore the technology of manufacturing an Order of the Iron Cross ‘For a winter campaign and fights’, first issued in 1920. Although you can’t tell this at a glance, it was not easy to manufacture. We’d …


Technologies for manufacturing awards and souvenirs

An award is much more than just an item of interior decoration. It symbolizes aspiration for victory, is a coveted talisman, and inspires new achievements. For the award, dear to you or your loved ones, to remain in sight for many years, and to continue to delight and motivate, the manufacturing of the award should be conducted by real professionals. …


Coin for the 25th Training Center of the Military Service of Law and Order

The production enterprise “Heroldmaster” made a coin for the 25th Training Center of the Military Service of Law and Order. The idea and the primary drawing of this product was provided by the specialists of the Training Center and finalized by the designers of Heroldmaster. The coin will be used as a protocol souvenir for foreign partners and delegations cooperating …


Beret Signs in accordance with 606 Decree in stock

In the “shop” section of our site you can now purchase beret signs according to 606 Decree


Memorial award named after professor Vladimir Terentyevich Zaitsev

Commemorative award named after Professor Vladimir Terentyevich Zaitsev Is awarded by NGO “Association of Surgeons of the Kharkov region” Kharkov Surgical School Awarding the distinction named after Professor Vladimir Terentyevich Zaitsev (hereinafter referred to as the Award) is carried out: for a personal significant contribution to the development of surgery in Ukraine and in the Sloboda region in particular, scientific and …


Сockade of the Ukrainian State and the UNM(Ukrainian National Movement) sample of 1918

We bring to your attention an attempt to reproduce the cockade of the Ukrainian State and the UNM(Ukrainian National Movement) sample of 1918 By the Order of the Military Office from June 6, 1918, part 207, a cockade was made for the headdresses of servicemen of “all units of the troops, offices and institutions of the Military Office,” approved by …


Beret sign of the “Mountain infantry”

“Heroldmaster” enterprise has made a pilot model of the Beret sign of the “Mountain infantry”


Beret signs from the 606 decree

We will start showing the beret signs from the 606 decree. Now we represent beret sign of 101 separate brigade of protection of the General Base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


25 years of the Alpha Shield company

Until the 25th anniversary of the security company “Alpha Shield”, the collection company “Heroldmeister” prepared souvenirs. Happy birthday!


Medal “25 years of DSGU”

The commemorative medal “25 Years of DSGU” was made by the company Heroldmaster for the 25th anniversary.


Insignias of Excellence

Insignias of excellence of the production of the enterprise Heroldmaster.

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