Shipping questions:

1. Can I ship my order to another country?
Yes, delivery to another country is possible, but its cost must be specified in each specific case, since for its calculation it is necessary to know the volume and weight of the shipment. The cost calculated by the manager will be added to the total amount of your order.
2. Is it possible to pick up the ordered goods?
Yes, pickup is available. We will be happy to welcome you to our office. You will also have the opportunity to visit an exhibition of finished products of our production. The warehouse is open on weekdays from 10-00 to 16-00.
3. How do I calculate the cost of shipping a product?
Delivery within Ukraine is carried out at the rates of Nova Poshta. Delivery abroad is calculated individually each time, you can consult with our managers.
4. How is delivery in Ukraine carried out?
Delivery across Ukraine is carried out by the transport company Nova Poshta at its rates.
5. Do you have a delivery service?
Currently, there is no targeted delivery, we ship products across Ukraine to Nova Poshta offices and postal machines.
6. How to track the movement of a parcel?
The manager will tell you the declaration number of your shipment and you can track it on the website or in the Nova Poshta app.
7. How do I find out my order number?
Your order number is sent to your email address when you make a purchase through the “shop” section of our website.

Financial matters:

1. Can I get an additional discount on a product?
Yes, when buying products from the “shop” section of our site, you can count on a discount, provided that you buy more than 50 units of one item.
2. What is the minimum order I can place?
Orders from the “shop” section – from 1 piece. Orders with own design only by agreement and with the manager’s advice.
3. What payment methods are available?
Possible methods of payment for goods from the “shop” section – cashless payment, cash on delivery, prepayment to the card, cash upon receipt. Orders with your own design – only on prepayment of at least 50% of the amount.
4. How to place an order?
Add the product you need to the cart, then click the “checkout” button and follow the instructions.

Questions about returns:

1. Who pays for the return shipping?
If the reason for the return is justified, then we pay for the return shipping.
2. How can I return an item that doesn’t fit?
Contact us at the phone number indicated in the “contacts” section and we will definitely help you in resolving the dispute.
3. Which item cannot be exchanged or returned?
All products in the “shop” section can be returned with a valid reason for refusal. This can be done within 14 days of purchase. The product must be intact and without traces of use.
4. Which item is eligible for return?
In this matter, we fully support the policy of our state. Within 14 days, with a valid reason for refusal, any undamaged product from the “shop” section of our site can be returned.

General questions:

1. Is it possible to order layout development from you?
Yes, we can help you design a custom layout. The cost of the work is calculated individually and depends on the level of complexity. For consultations on this issue, please contact us at the phone number indicated in the “contacts” section.
2. What are your working hours?
Weekdays 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Production issues:

1. Why is it problematic to change the font weight on stamped icons?
In order to match the layout (sketch) to the finished product, manufacturing tolerances must be taken into account. After all, the customer definitely does not want any element to be missing in the finished product or the text to be unreadable. There are minimum tolerances for the thickness of each line or contour in the manufacture of metal products, and each method of manufacture has its own tolerances. That is why you should heed the advice of our design department, we check all the nuances and technical tolerances when developing layouts.
2. Why is it not possible to squeeze the text written in small print on ID cards?
When embossing, there are also minimum line thicknesses, and if they are below the permissible ones, then the line or outline may not be readable in the finished product.
3. Why can’t collectors sell departmental awards?
We do not support collectors. Awards are given, not sold. You can buy privately only products from the “shop” section of our website.
4. How is stamping technology different from etching technology?
Stamping can produce both 2D and 3D images. Etching can only be two-dimensional and the height difference in production by this method is minimal.
5. Why can’t the medal be made the next day?
There is a technological path of the product in production. Each part of this path takes a certain amount of time and cannot be reduced. The minimum production time for a new product in compliance with all production standards is 20 working days from the moment it is put into production and can only be increased depending on the current load of our lines.
6. What is a rig?
The rig is a tool that is installed on a press, with the help of which the necessary part of the product is obtained from a metal blank. The equipment for the press is made of hardened steel and has a mirror relief of the part we need.