Cockades and Military Accessories

Фото Distinction mark "Narrow Chevron"
code: 0130-3

60 грн

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Фото Cockade Judicial Protection Service
code: 0106-7

200 грн

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Фото Badge Judicial Protection Service
code: 0100-6

400 грн

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Фото Miniature AFU
code: 0432

50 грн

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Cockades are important insignia of employees of law enforcement agencies and public service bodies. These accessories are attached to various headgear: hats, caps, cap, berets, panamas, etc. The placement of articles is regulated. It should be noted that such uniform emblems are not necessarily used as service fittings. They can be made in memory of significant events or as distinctive elements, for example, for members of some societies or for company employees. Often cockades are ordered for teambuilding, corporate parties, festivals and other mass events.

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