Insignia “Cross of Valor” I dg.

Insignia “Cross of Valor” is awarded to military officers and employees of the Security Service of Ukraine:

for high performance in the operational and official activities;

for successful execution of special tasks;

for valor and selflessness shown in the performance of duty;

for merits, shown during the service (work) in the Security Service of Ukraine.

This badge is also awarded to servicemen (workers) of other law enforcement bodies formed in accordance with the law of military formations, other citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons for their assistance and assistance to the Security Service of Ukraine in fulfilling the tasks assigned to it.

The Insignia “Cross of Valor” has two degrees:

“Cross of Valor” I degree;

“Cross of Valor” II degree.

The highest degree is the I degree.

Awarding the Insignia”Cross of Valor” is carried out consistently, starting with the II degree.

Rewarding with a badge “Cross of Valor” of the I degree can be carried out not earlier than a year after the award with a badge of the II degree.

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