An award is much more than just an item of interior decoration. It symbolizes aspiration for victory, is a coveted talisman, and inspires new achievements.

For the award, dear to you or your loved ones, to remain in sight for many years, and to continue to delight and motivate, the manufacturing of the award should be conducted by real professionals.

Our company “Heroldmaster” has everything necessary for the production of worthy awards and souvenirs. We are using the latest production technologies which are improving every day.

Types of technologies for manufacturing awards and souvenirs

Stamping – the deformation of metal in a special device (known as stamp) with a change in shape and transfer of the relief of various images.

In this case, the insignias are made of metals which are easy to work into new shapes and forms such as:

  • ● copper;
  • ● brass;
  • ● precious metals and alloys.

Then the product can be coated with silver, nickel or galvanic gold. Stamped medals and badges are in great demand among public and private organisations. The benefits of this method of production are that produced parts do not need to be processed again, they are of good quality and are reasonably priced.

Casting – this technology consists of filling a specially prepared form with a liquid alloy creating a complete transition to a solid state. Usually, this method is used to create valuable awards with complex forms: orders, badges, collars and others. This method allows you to make both one-sided and two-sided products. Non-ferrous and precious metals are used as a material for casting premium products:

  • ●brass alloys;
  • ● silver;
  • ● gold.

The manufacturing takes longer, the process of production is complex and the cost of the final product will be higher than that produced by stamping.

Combined insignias are created using several types of technologies. For example, when making a badge, the base is made by the method of stamping, and the overhead elements by the casting method. Also, products can have different types of coatings simultaneously. Combined medals always look very stylish.

Chemical engraving – this technique consists of coating the metal with a protective layer with a previously cut image and immersion in a special chemical solution that corrodes the material in unprotected areas, forming depressions. After engraving, the enamels are applied to the formed grooves, one colour in each groove. The difference with this technology is that the parts will have a flat shape. Chemical etching is one of the simplest and inexpensive ways of creating a badge or a medal.

The main differences between the above technologies are the appearance of the product and the manufacturing time. The choice of the method of creating an award largely depends on the scale of the event. For example, for children’s tournaments and competitions, breastplates medals with chemical engraving are perfect. Production of a small number is possible in a short time. Compared with stamping, this technology allows you to display thin lines with an accuracy of 0.2 mm and small details of the image, so that you can put the right amount of information on the surface.

For special occasions we recommend the casting method. Using this technology, you can make breastplates of any complexity. Cast products look more refined.

And if you want to present an original gift to your friends, then the combined method will be the perfect option.

On our website you can either choose from ready-made products or order an exclusive design. Our masters will translate your ideas precisely corresponding to the given theme: rewarding for academic success, gratitude for cooperation, insignias for competition winners, etc.

“Heroldmaster” does not just produce things, but creates works of art, which in themselves are objects of desire.