Commemorative award named after Professor Vladimir Terentyevich Zaitsev

Is awarded by NGO “Association of Surgeons of the Kharkov region” Kharkov Surgical School

Awarding the distinction named after Professor Vladimir Terentyevich Zaitsev (hereinafter referred to as the Award) is carried out: for a personal significant contribution to the development of surgery in Ukraine and in the Sloboda region in particular, scientific and professional achievements, impeccable work during the performance of their official duties related to scientific , practical and organizational activities in the field of surgery.

Order of the Award

The award is presented in a solemn atmosphere by the Chairman of the NGO “AHHO”. Persons awarded with the Award are given a certificate. In case of loss of the award, its duplicate is not issued.

Order of wearing the Award

Worn on the right side of the chest and placed below the signs of state awards of Ukraine, foreign state awards.