Insignia “For courage of SSU”

Insignia “For Courage” is a departmental incentive award from the Security Service of Ukraine.

Insignia “For Courage” is awarded to military personnel and employees of the Security Service of Ukraine for personal courage and selfless actions shown:

with the protection of state sovereignty, the constitutional order, territorial integrity, economic, scientific, technical and defense potential of Ukraine, the legitimate interests of the state and the rights of citizens from intelligence and subversive activities of foreign special services, encroachments by certain organizations, groups and individuals;

in the prevention, detection, suppression and disclosure of crimes against the peace and security of mankind, terrorism, corruption and organized criminal activity, and other illegal actions that directly threaten the state interests of Ukraine;

in other cases, identifying personal courage and selfless action.

Rewarding the insignia with a badge “For courage” can be posthumously.

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