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Important information for customers who order marks of reward!

As specialists in this field, we would like to draw your attention to the fundamental aspect of the awarding process, which is usually overlooked by people who order awarding marks, and on whose behalf awards are produced.

In addition to all known functions of rewarding honored people, the process of rewarding is important for the person who give awards to others. This is not a secret and it is embedded in the very essence of rewarding since the emergence of traditions of encouragement. The fact is that a person, on behalf of whom the reward is made, receives the appreciation from the recipient. Thus, a group of people is formed, who are loyal to the rewarder to some extent. This is the way how it works, whether we like it or not!

In order for this to happen, it must be taken into the account that for the rewarded person, the award symbol is a sign of difference, and the type and quality of the reward is equal to the uniformity and evaluation of person’s merit. Thus, a beautiful, high-quality and valuable sign brings loyalty to the rewarder; whereas a cheap and pathetic plaque has opposite effect - it is equivalent to spitting and leads to a devaluation of the award and a negative relation to the awarder.

Therefore, always try to order and reward people with as high-quality and valuable signs as possible – it will bring you more benefits!

Founder and Creative Director of "Heroldmaster",

Honoured Artist of Ukraine

Anatoliy Shyyan




Project of the Order of Freedom

2008 year

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Order of the Iron Cross “For a winter campaign and fights” 29.08.2018

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Coin for the 25th Training Center of the Military Service of Law and Order 26.06.2018

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Certificate BAGRATIONI

We would like to express our gratitude and confirm that the signs of the Royal Order of the Eagle of Georgia are made by your enterprise Heroldmaster – and they are of high quality. We have no doubt that your artistic and production skills will be at the same high level. All signs of our house we will make in Kiev at your enterprise Heroldmaster.

For Heroldmaster enterprise

This evidence is given that, with the permission of the Head of the Imperial House of Romanov`s, E.I. Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, the Grand Duchess, was granted the right to produce the badges of the Imperial House of Romanov`s awards at the Heroldmaster enterprise in the city of Kiev.

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